What happens when you have a book-centered mama {Whole Together Family 10/31}

I handed in the library kid-pack sans the missing hammer. The librarians smiled and granted a renewal, just as benevolent as I had imagined. We now have two more weeks to find that silly plastic hammer.

Aw, blessed relief.

The real Win of the Day though?  While looking for a few books for Meg, I happened upon two copies of a Carnival of Cats. The title of a book we had checked out but I assumed was just lost in our house. We had a while to find it. No big deal. But out of curiosity, I checked the barcodes against my library account and the second book matched . Our missing book was found. Already returned to the library.

I’ve never had that actually happen before.

I’m glad because I was running out of places to look!

One lost thing is enough.

Going to the library is getting easier than it was even just a year ago. A year ago I was still at odds with my little parking lot dashers, Meg competed with the books for space in my arms, and the books were in danger every time we brought them home.

These days our piles of freshly gathered books sometimes exceed the limits of my library bag(s), but there are no more parking lot escapades so we can go a little more freely.

We have the library ritual down. We hold hands across the parking lot, dash along the sidewalk and up the steps so everyone can fight over who gets to push the accessible button to open the door. Sometimes I am together enough to assign who gets to open the door when and we skip the fight.

We drop our books through the book slot. I’m pretty sure all my kids know what that word is even if they don’t register it as reading. B-O-O-K-S. One of the most important words.

Another fight ensues for the button for second set of doors and the kids race/walk quickly to the bench near the hold shelf.


Today, there was some road construction out the window so they were all easily occupied while I checked the hold shelf and scanned the new book display even though I already have too many books waiting on my attention.  Listening to bookish podcasts and following bookish people on Instagram means I can usually just scan for the titles I’ve already added to my TBR list. Fiction is always a nice easy grab. Today: Clock Dance by Anne Tyler. I’ve seen it around and it will be something I enjoy even though I can’t remember what it’s about.

I set the kids free to go to the kid space. They pause at the lego display on the way, talk about what was different, speed-walk to claim their sticker from the children’s librarian’s desk, and then get on with the important task of filling up the library bag.

Meg immediately grabs a book called: Wonder Woman and starts talking about wonder woman and how that girl is dressed up like wonder woman. I’m just entertained she can hold conversations about wonder woman at three years old. So much fun.

After a bit of playing and few more fun titles the library ritual is done and we see if we can make it out the doors without setting off the alarms.


Back to the button fights, down the stairs, across the parking lot, and back in the car.

Mission accomplished.

Sometimes an hour at the library doesn’t seem worth the hassle of getting out the door, but usually it is and off we go.  They love the freedom to choose whatever they want and I love getting my book fix, their obvious enjoyment, and that they will peruse them avidly for quiet reading time/naps later, and then happily sit still for read-aloud stories in the evening.

And I love that it’s just normal for them to measure days by reading times, and weeks by library visits.

All because they happened to get a book-centered mama, and this is how you deal with it. ;)

What is an activity that draws your family together? How did you begin weaving it into your family?


This month I am joining the #write31days community to explore the idea of the Whole Together Family because I believe we get be who God created us to be – together. Find the whole list posts here or click on the image.


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