Hope and a palmful of faith {Whole Together Family 20/31}

Just a list of sorts. Some things I’ve picked up over the last few years, some things that are more recent. Maybe at some point I’ll think about this a little more, but for now hopefully you find something to encourage you in your own family and all the struggles therein. Much love.

  1. Different families do different things <– Something I’ve said enough, my kids now say it to each other.
  2. It’s easy to feel as if we are doing something wrong if our families don’t function how we expect or how we assume other people’s families must function.
  3. There is no shame in feeling like your family is struggling.
  4. Judging our family be arbitrary standards is ridiculous.
  5. We are not meant to be the perfecters or fixers of our families. Peacemakers and image-bearers? Yes. Fixers, perfecters, holding-it-all-together-ers? No.
  6. By the grace of God, how our families look from the outside or works functionally has nothing to do with our standing before God.
  7. He does not judge the appearance of things, order, or lack thereof. He sees each individual piece and person of our life as we do our best and worst.
  8. We are beloved children for whom he has already done everything to make it all right.
  9. He’s got this.
  10. Even though I know that, sometimes it is a challenge to be in the midst trying situations and allow myself to be happy, present, or even pleasant. Sometimes it feels easier to obsess or mope.
  11. Joy and struggle hang in disharmony, but their coexistence is vital for a whole together family.
  12. We are all just figuring this out as we go along despite how it seems from the outside. Life can be complicated and ridiculous.
  13. I’ve found I can choose defeat, fight it all helter-skelter, or inch along with great hope and a palmful of faith.
  14. I alternate regularly between the three, but hope keeps me coming back.


This month I am joining the #write31days community to explore the idea of the Whole Together Family because I believe we get be who God created us to be – together. Find the whole list posts here or click on the image.


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