Moment {FMF and Whole Together Family 21/31}

At this moment I am a little bit exhausted. I would prefer to just shut this up and go to sleep, but since I skipped yesterday I really do need to write a few words today.

So that’s what I’m doing. Choosing what to do in the moment is good for sometimes, but sometimes I have to remind myself the value of following through on projects. That was the nice thing about college: everything had a real deadline that mattered, at least in the arbitrary world of graded learning.

But these days, if I want to get something done I have to set my own deadlines and goals, and then actually follow them through.

I am great at thinking up new ideas and projects. And I’d like to think I’m good at following them through and finishing them, because I do get a lot done. Buuuut, if you take into account all the abandoned/stalled projects my stats get a little worse.

There’s untouched paint in the garage for the kids’ bathroom, a half finished sweater under my desk, a few shelves of bookish good intentions, and all the extra writing/creative/schoolish ideas I have yet to follow up on.

So here’s to taking account in the moment that I need to follow through on my projects.

That being said, I’ll be finishing this project throughout November since I have missed several days. .

And how does this relate to my Whole Together Family theme? Well, part of being whole is following through even when the going is tiring. It’s putting value on your own pursuits and value on finishing them, even if it feels like it doesn’t really matter and doing the normal family things seem like more than enough.

It’s taking each moment for what it is and choosing how to be whole (ish) right there where you are.

I chose to write for a few minutes today.

Yesterday I chose to watch a funny movie and go to bed refreshed.

I could have written yesterday too.

But sometimes being a whole person means resting from self-imposed deadlines, and sometimes it means realizing that every little thing takes effort and part of being a grownup is choosing to continue on even when we can’t see the whole story.

That is just life.

ok, that’s it for now, my five minutes was up 10 minutes ago. Linking up with Five Minute Friday for a five minute free-write on the word ‘moment’.


This month I am joining the #write31days community to explore the idea of the Whole Together Family because I believe we get be who God created us to be – together. Find the whole list posts here or click on the image.


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