What I Learned {Fall 2018}

Each season Emily P. Freeman invites people to share in her practice of noting what she’s learned. So today, I’m joining in. Some of this is trivial or just fun, some is less so, and some things I’ve learned aren’t really shareable. But for now I’m going to challenge myself a little to pay attention to the small lessons I’ve been learning from my life. Here’s a few from my fall!

  • I don’t have to be more than I am, but I also don’t have to be less. Thanks to Jennifer Dukes Lee’s book: It’s All Under Control. This book was a deep sigh for my overachieving and slightly anxious heart.
  • I really appreciate seasons. They are a chance to start new and try new things while saying goodbye to things that overwhelmed. I am also looking forward to the winter solstice that declares the days are no longer getting shorter. 
  • I love picture books. I think I come by it honestly. I blame my dad. Thanks, dad. Here’s a list of our top ten favorites from this fall. These would make fantastic christmas presents for any little kid in your life. :) 
  • One good hike can make a dramatic difference in your mood/ability to smile. 
  • I’m not necessarily responsible to fix everything I feel responsible for fixing. Some things are just entirely out of my control even if the problem is completely part of my life. 
  • With a little effort I can maintain a running streak or writing streak for a little more than three weeks, but then I fall off the wagon. I’m not sure why, but I might be more happy in my goals if I aimed to do a thing 24 days in a month instead of everyday. My writing goal in October and running goal November each came to about 24/30 instead of everyday.  I think I’ll experiment with 24 days in a month’s time. It seems like enough to be challenging and specific without burning out completely. We shall see.
  • Also for those of you wondering why I have to have all these goals: I’ll point you to the last few weeks where I binge-watched 6 seasons of Glee. Fantastic fun, but oh my, that was way too much tv. 

What have you learned this fall? You can find me most often on Instagram because it helps me to keep track of all the good in my life. 

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