I’d Rather Be Reading by Anne Bogel {Review}

I’d Rather Be Reading by Anne Bogel

I just want to use this book as artwork. Honestly. The cover plus the title basically is about equal to my tendencies of escaping from or trying to figure out how to deal with my life through reading. The tiny hardcover design makes for a fun purse book or the perfect gift for a bookish friend. When they open it they’ll jut want to pet it. I did. ;)

But enough of how it looks and feels.

I enjoyed this book. Full of short and sweet essays with a glimmer of nostalgia, this book was like sitting down to laugh about all your foibles with a similarly bookish, particularly cool, collected, funny, and self-aware friend.  

My favorite essays were The Readers I Have Been, talking how the way we read is formative to the way we will read and all are necessary, and What I Need is a Deadline, all about the advantages of library due dates. And every single chapter that was just hilarious such as How to Organize Your Bookshelf and Bookworm Problems. 

This books was fun, delightful, and most likely a hit for many a reader.  Shorter in length and lighter in content, it was perfect for reading a few essays at a time for a warm sense of well-being.

Have you read this one yet? What do you think? Find me and more books on my Instagram!

(Disclaimers: I received a free review copy of this book from Baker Books, but I also purchased a copy of this book. So let that tell you something good. All opinions are my own. Also: Post contains amazon affiliate links.)

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