Self-Doubt {Notes from the Kind Side}

Just because the doubting voices live in your brain doesn’t mean you have to listen to them.

“You’re not good enough.” “This is not good enough.” “Someone else already is doing this or could do it better.” “It’s too late.” “I don’t have time.” “It won’t work.” “It won’t matter.” “Why bother.”

These are what the doubts in my head sound like. Yours might be different.

But we don’t have to listen to it. It is time to move on.

Tell those doubts, “Thank you, but we’ve already discussed this and now I’m moving on.”

We can to be a little more aware of how we are speaking to ourselves. We can listen for that voice from the kind side that supports our decisions, inspires us to try, and dreams all the dreams.

We have plenty of sense and good decision making skills that don’t involve getting stuck in self-doubt.

Tell it off. Be free.

Now what will you do?

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2 thoughts on “Self-Doubt {Notes from the Kind Side}

  1. “Not good enough” is my #1 nemesis. Sometimes it’s loud enough to be crippling. I continue to collect tools to combat it, and I will be adding that one to my arsenal: “Thank you, but we’ve already discussed this and now I’m moving on.” Thank YOU for sharing it. It’s going to help me.


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