The Color of Life by Cara Meredith {Review}

The Color of Life: A Journey Toward Love and Racial Justice by Cara Meredith is an invitation to think and learn about racial justice, but it’s also a story of falling in love, becoming family, coming alive to history and justice issues, and seeking that justice-driven redemption story that is critical for all of our whole and full lives.

I loved reading Cara’s story about navigating her relationship with her husband, beginning to raise their boys, and learning how to be a part of the story of racial justice in her own life as she was then in the beginning and as she is now: a women in an interracial marriage raising her biracial sons.

The side by side narrative of Cara’s reckoning with racial justice and the story of her father-in-law, James Meredith a prominent civil rights activist alongside Martin Luther King Jr, is just enough of an introduction to the civil rights movement to make me realize how much I don’t know about racial justice in the US. But oh, this was a perfect place to have that realization. Cara walks us through her whole journey and creates an honest, kind, and challenging space to consider our own story on the way to racial justice.

As I think about the stories and learning in this beautiful book, I keep coming back to Cara’s point that racial justice is something we all work out from the inside out, not only for the black and brown people in our lives, but for the wholeness of our own life and soul. We are all being invited into deeper discussions of faith, history, and the way the redemption story of justice is for each and every one of our lives.

If you have not ordered a copy of The Color of Life you should get yourself to your bookstore or a library and put in a request. My curiosity and my to-be-read list to help me understand more just grew by a lot. This book was a wonderful kickstart for my own process. Might it be for you as well?

(I received a digital advance reader copy of this book from Zondervan. All opinions are my own. Post contains Amazon Affiliate links.) 

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