a hopeful alternative to bad days and good days

In our house, with these three little kids, we can get a little dramatic.

To say the least.

My kids will groan loudly about how terrible their day is just because they have to put away a toy, do a job, or -heaven help us – find and put on their shoes. Much to my dismay, “This is the worst day ever!” is a common refrain. But often a few minutes later they’re all having fun again. Turns out that moment didn’t actually define their day. Kids are like that. I think. I hope.

Following one particular moment like this I started to think about my own tendency to think badly about my day just because of a moment – or twenty seven moments all piled up. The kids are fighting, the budget is very budgety, there are dishes everywhere, the dog won’t listen, I had a disagreement with someone, [insert worry here] , or I just keep messing up again and again. Because I’m not perfect, but does a mistake or fifty mean it was a bad day?

And if that’s a bad day, what makes a good day?

Good days might include seeing people, having fun conversations, good news, art, hiking on a sunny day, running, writing something meaningful, clean surfaces and uncluttered floors.

But what if some of the “good day” ingredients were combined with a multitude of the “bad day” ingredients, how does that weigh out? How can I be sure everyone is having a good day when I can’t guarantee results?

But maybe that’s not the way to go.

What if, instead of focusing on the good day vs bad day problem, what if we thought about it as a redeemed day?

A redeemed day where Jesus gets to do his work in us. A day where we mess up, but he covers us with his grace and takes those bad moments, assuring us it is enough; he’s got this, too.

A day where he takes every attempt out of our hands and looks at the wad of lumpy clay, grins and makes something new.

A day where he sees the tears and regrets and then simply holds our hearts in the embrace of promises and love, maybe even without fixing the source of our sadness.

Each redeemed day creating a story of someday and His day. A story where we all learn, hope, rejoice, and grow closer to Jesus. A story about how he pulls apart the pieces of our lives and creates a new synapse of compassion in our souls. Just for his plan and glory.

One redeemed day after another, that’s how we get to live.

Are you having a redeemed day? What might it look like for you to have a redeemed day instead of a good day or a bad day? Share in the comments or find me on Instagram!

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