The grace of inconsequential beginnings {Notes from the Kind Side}

Sometimes when you are learning something new it is tempting to wish you could skip the learning stage. Maybe you’re not as practiced as you would like. You’re not becoming skilled as quickly as you might like. You don’t have enough people interested in the work you are doing.

Frustrating, maybe, but don’t let this feeling of beginning hold you back from trying. There is a flip-side to being unknown and just learning to do what you want to do: you get to make whatever you want.

Follow your interests and intuition. Systems are nice, but to find your voice you must experiment. Poke at the corners where you see a hint of God’s grace. Dig a little deeper into the things you care about or the random interests that lead who knows where. Share them and see what happens.

You are free to experiment. Delight in the process and slowness of learning and coming into who you are as a writer or creative. Don’t wait until you know what you are doing to share your work and see what happens. Offer it without expectation.

Each time you share is important, but also inconsequential.

You will create something new. You will learn. You can do this. Even if it only seems small you are doing this now so go for it. You are free, called and capable of doing it well.

Just jump in.

Do your work.

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