Magic, Quarters, and Good Enough {What I’ve learned – Winter 2018}

1. Library favoritism is perfectly acceptable. The old library is the best library. We’ve tried two new to us library locations this month and they’ve been charming for different reasons, but I still have a favorite. The kids may not agree, but I drive the car.

2. Trying to combine habits is hard. At separate times I’ve successfully established a writing routine, reading goals, good parenting habits, and consistent running, however trying to combine them is beyond me. I’m learning to embrace the discipline of ‘good enough’ and carry on even when I don’t meet my own expectations.

3. Paying my kids a quarter each a day to do the dishes in whatever manner they can is completely worth it! And as it turns out they are completely capable. Who knew? This makes me so happy. :)

4. Sometimes there is enough even when you don’t think so. Acting on a sense of enough often helps you realize how much enough you already have. If that’s not vague enough for you, let me know.

5. If you need something, you have to ask. There is no way around it. A few hours of weekly writing time in the library has been my really helpful ask recently:

6. Just because someone chooses to do something doesn’t mean they judging me for not doing something. I don’t have to assume their choices as unspoken judgements on my own. AKA: Note to self: You can’t read minds. Chill.

7. I’m not a morning runner and there’s no reason I have to force it.

8. I might have more curl in my hair than I thought. I’m experimenting with a bare bones version of the Curly Girl Method and have had interesting success. Even if I only gain a little more hair health and a little volume, I think it’s worth it and I’m having fun.

9. Reading exclusively African American authors this month has been remarkable. It has changed how I think and feel in a variety of ways I didn’t expect. I’ll post what books I read and maybe a little personal reflection on the experience sometime next week.

10. Seeking out a little magic is worth the effort and easier than I thought:

I’m linking up with Emily P. Freeman who is so thoughtful to invite us to reflect each season. Go visit her to see everyone else’s lists!

Also: You should know she’s publishing another book this spring and I think you might love it :) I’ll be talking about this more of course, but check it out here: The Next Right Thing: A Simple, Soulful Practice for Making Life Decisions

What’s something entertaining or profound you have learned this season? I’d love to hear!

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2 thoughts on “Magic, Quarters, and Good Enough {What I’ve learned – Winter 2018}

  1. Your curls are so cute! :) I’ve recently started paying my kids a quarter to do little jobs as well, and it has been such a win-win for everyone. Totally worth it!


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