This Outside Life by Laurie Kehler {Book Review}

Because I only have the pdf, here’s a lovely image of the redwoods superimposed with the book cover!

This Outside Life: Finding God in the Heart Nature by Laurie Kehler

This book was full of stories of the author’s bucket-list variety outdoor adventures used to introduce reflections on God and faith. This was not quite the practical, day-to-day guide I was expecting based on the cover and title, but Kehler’s adventures were interesting and thoughts about God very much worth thinking about.

I liked the chapter with the zip-lining story best because I have actually been. And I enjoyed her descriptions of scuba diving, whitewater rafting, mountain biking as a newbie down a ski-hill, hanging out in a boat listening for whales in Hawaii, and generally seeking high-paced adventures in the great outdoors despite my admitted reluctance to take on anything slightly more dangerous than average. haha.

In places, I wished she had continued the story of her adventures a little more since sometimes the personal stories felt a little incomplete and I wanted to know more. Overall, it was a good book that made me glad for the adventures I’ve been able to have, inspired to get outside more in beautiful places, and in awe of the many ways we can connect with God through creation.

Here are a few quotes (I wish I had page numbers, so sorry!):

  • “Most of us respond to the moments of raging mayhem in our lives as a nightmare from which we want immediate relief. […]But these times can also be an upside-down, inside out gift. This sort of tumult forces us to focus on the truth we know and grab onto it for dear life. In the midst of life’s storms, focusing on Who, not what, will save you.”
  • “Our past sins and misadventures do not disqualify us for God’s adventures. He’s not finished with us yet.”
  • “We are not fooling God or ourselves when we put up the facade that we’re okay while we fester inside over perceived injustices.”
  • “Why? keeps us looking at God’s hand. I keeps us going in circles, lost in a fog of despair. What’s next? directs our gaze upwards to God’s face. It opens the door to the future and gets us moving forward.”
  • “God’s got this. When I let go of my illusion of control, I can really enjoy the ride.”
This Outside Life: Finding God in the Heart Nature by Laurie Kehler

The first set of photos are from our home adventures and the second set are from my adventures studying Spanish in Chile. Adventure comes in many forms.

What have been your most normal or most memorable adventures in your life lately? Tell me in the comments!

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(Disclaimers: I was provided a pdf copy of this book as part of the launch team thanks to the publisher the author. All opinions are solas mías. Post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.)

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