When your projects get FOMO {The Kind Side}

You may not have time to do a lot of everything you want to do, but doing a little bit is possible.

Conversely doing a little bit of everything is not a viable way to live your life.

Choose what is most important. Give it some extra energy and momentum. See where it goes.

It may feels like you are giving up on all the other things you’ve wanted to do. That’s ok. You’re not actually.

When all my other plans and projects get FOMO* I tell them: In this season, I am doing trying this. I can always switch it up. Stick around and I’ll come back to you.”

But just because all the plans and projects call your name, don’t feel like you have to do too much.

It’s ok to focus.

Choose something and try it out.

Notes from the Kind Side Project
Notes from the Kind Side – Where I Pause to Make Space for Kind Self-Talk

*FOMO = Fear of missing out. ;) In case you wondered.

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Your space.

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