Next Up: #The100DayProject

I’m always up for a good project or challenge.

Last year, I participated in the project in a quiet way. It took longer than 100 days to get my 100 days in, but I did it. I filled a small note card nearly every day with some words I needed to hear that day. This is where my series Notes from the Kind Side came from. It was like tuning into the kind side of my self-talk for a few minutes daily. It was useful and I’ve been sharing it some of it gradually since then. It was such a good exercise, I’m doing it again.

Actually this year I’m kind of doing two. Hahahahaha. I know. What is wrong with me? This sort of thing may not be for you, but I am learning to appreciate this part of myself that likes a dedicated orderly challenge and embrace it lightheartedly. These challenges complement each other in that one is thoroughly in my hands and out of my head and one is an exploration of what goes on in my head.

Here they are:

What I’m consider my second project is to complete 10 minutes of crochet a day during a season when I normally don’t crochet. You can follow that project on instagram: @BohoPumpkins. I’m interested to see the gradual progress of this one. I’m starting by working on a cardigan I began early last fall and never finished. And after I finish that I’ll start a some different crochet ideas that have been on the back of my mind. I feel like this one will be fun and easy. We’ll see!

My other project feels a little bigger, but depending on how I decided to interpret it just as doable and measurable. I have always wanted to do an extended period posting everyday on my blog. Now finally seems about the right time. I’ve reached the point where if I don’t challenge myself I am not going to grow as a writer/blogger/trying-this-whole-thing-out-person. I need to give myself more room, structure, and expectation to think through my ideas in ways that are meaningful, beautiful, or useful. The only way I’ll get better at that is to practice and to expect a little more of myself.

I only tend to write an idea out fully if I expect that someone is going to be reading it…and if I’m just endlessly writing in practice and private than my ideas tend suffer a bit.

I’ve gotten quite good at fairly consistently blogging the things I expect of myself: The Kind Side posts, my book reviews, and monthly reading recaps. And it’s really fun to join in with things like Five Minute Friday every now and then, Quick Lit monthly, and What I learned quarterly.

But it’s time to do a little stretch and grow a little more to write more about other things, too. I especially want to grow into this Whole Together Family vision a little more as it is something I feel whole-heartedly, but isn’t as well reflected in my current content here.

So this is my 100 day project right here:

  • I want to post every day.
  • I think I might take sundays off, but I haven’t really decided yet.
  • I will continue to post my book posts, reviews, kind side, five minute friday, etc.
  • But I specifically want to explore more content for Whole Together Family and maybe just some everyday storytelling.

It’ll be fun.

I wanted to give all my wordpress email subscribers (all 17 of you! Hi, I see you!) a special heads up since getting a new email every single day about my blog posts might be just a little much.

I mean, that’s fine if you want!

But if you want to join an email list where I curate the content (instead of the wordpress hosted one) you can be free to unsubscribe from the daily posts, but keep me in your inbox.

You can join my email list —> right here <— Email List.

I’ll be sending out an update including my favorite posts once or twice a month with links to my favorite posts from the month or fortnight.

I’d love to see anyone on my email list. I’m still getting the hang of it, so bear with me.

Thanks for sticking with me through this experiment! I hope you find it helpful, hopeful, and fun!

Yesterday was the first day of my challenge, so this is day 2/100

I’d love to hear what you might like to see in this space as I’m planning on writing a bit extra. Share here or message me on Instagram!

Also: I’m super interested in what kind of things help you to grow creatively. Do you like a good specific challenge? Do you just embrace freeform art and take what comes? How do you live your best into creativity and the spaces in your life it takes up?

So much curiousity.

Also: sometimes I spell British. I’m not sure what authors to blame this on, but I’m sure it because of my extensive and devoted childhood reading habit.

Spell check doesn’t like it, so mostly I correct it to United-Statesian.

But sometimes I don’t.

And with that!

Bless you for being here :)

2 thoughts on “Next Up: #The100DayProject

  1. I am going to take Sundays off too! I am going to use it as a posting day. I don’t think I could do 100 days without any break…I would be a shell of a human!


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