Offer {Five Minute Friday}

You may not think you can offer much, but you can offer something.

It might not be exactly what you think it should be, but maybe it is exactly what others need it to be. And maybe not.

The important thing is to offer like the boy with the loaves and the fish, “This is what I have. Will this help?” And then seeing what God does with it, each step along the way.

We don’t have to know what will happen with what we give or do or say, but we do have the ability to give or do or say in many situations.

Sometimes, especially with writing on a blog in a small-ish space, it can feel like you’re just offering up words without too much idea of where the words are landing.

But sometimes offering the words is all we can do.

Every day words.

Weighty words.

Story words.

Theoretical words that tend to wander and wonder more than state and declare.

Strung together words.

But all the words, one way or another.

It’s just part of the offering, sometimes it is not so much about seeing what happens after we write words so much as it is about ordering them, and speaking them afresh in our own lives.

Only words, and exactly words.

I love this quote about the power of words from Alia Joy’s new book, Glorious Weakness:

“Sometimes words are the strongest material available to spin life on our tongues and drape hope over those impoverished and naked chapters of our lives. Words are so simple. Just letter strung together. And yet they shift heaven and earth. They explode galaxies. The half space before we kept time. They have life and death contained in each strand, graced on open palms or piled like a burden.”

Glorious Weakness by Alia Joy, p 56

#the100dayproject 4/100

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5 thoughts on “Offer {Five Minute Friday}

  1. I am relearning that it is okay to offer typed up words like I once did. Day to day really made me struggle. I enjoyed visiting from FMF. Hope you have a lovely week.

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  2. I wonder where my words will go,
    and who perchance they’ll touch.
    It’s something I will never know,
    though I’d like to, very much.
    They come from the bright center
    of a life that’s gone quite mad
    but cancer’s no preventer
    of the best days I’ve ever had.
    I hope I can convey the joy
    of living every single day
    with all the faith in my employ
    making smooth the fatal way.
    You who now are reading here,
    though we won’t meet, I hold you dear.

    #1 at FMF this week.


    1. What a lovely poem. Thank you. You are such and encouragement to all who read your work, Andrew. Thanks for your example of daily faithfulness and good-heartedness in a very difficult time. I look for your posts each week.


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