What I’m into this Saturday!

  • Reading: Hero at the Fall by Alwyn Hamilton – I read more non-fiction than fiction the last couple months. So I’m pulling out all the fantasy my sister recommended to me about a year ago. I’m loving all of it. Why’d I wait?
  • Watching: I just noticed a new season of Kim’s Convenience made it to Netflix, so I’ll be watching that soon. :)
  • Crocheting: this cardigan -> Alchemy Cardigan – I finished the back panel more than a few months ago, but I finished one of the front panels today and I’m on my way. I hate the finishing details part of crochet projects, but this will be the first wearable item beyond a scarf I’ve made for myself. :)
  • Unschooling: this week we’ve gotten into iron beads, round knitting loops, lego robot building, (grown-up, because kids coloring books are too boring?) coloring pages. We’ve been good at doing some bike rides while I run. And we are almost done reading Farmer Boy (AKA The book about all the food that kid ate and all the work he did. Word from the wise: have snacks on hand).
  • Waiting for: sunnier weather!
  • Drinking: Iced coffee made with some homemade butterscotch sauce. Delish. And apparently I like homemade butterscotch, but can’t really taste/appreciate other types of butterscotch/caramel (and I’ve been told those two things are very different, buuuuut….?) Anyone else have this problem?
  • Reveling in: all the books I found at the library sale this week. I don’t have a problem. :D I can quit anytime! But there is nothing quite like getting 31 books for 21 dollars. I’m happy.

What about you? Favorite thing this week? Thoughts on butterscotch vs caramel?

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