Lack {Five Minute Friday}

At any point given day I could say there are many things I lack, but at the same time I could say look at all the I have I should just be grateful.

But really, maybe my lack is a little deeper than the items in my home or the way my day lines up with my expectations.

There is always lack somewhere.

I am constantly encountering not enough.

Not enough time, patience, people, love, money, wisdom, hope, change, sameness, quiet.

The list of all the things I sometimes wish I had more of could go on forever.


When I’m stretched past my comfort zone, I often find myself relying on God just a touch more than I might when I feel more comfortable in my resources, choices, community, or anything at all.

My lack tends to point me to God.


I may not get there right away.

But when I’m done raging towards any semblance of control, God’s got this little bit of wild life, too.

Just like he’s had the last three decades and several thousand years before I even began to be here.

Where do you stand? Also go read Alia Joy’s book, it’s all about finding God in what we lack. And it is so wise. :)

Linking up with Five Minute Friday again!

3 thoughts on “Lack {Five Minute Friday}

  1. So true that our lack, our weakness, humbles us into relying on God’s plenty and strength.
    Your FMF Neighbour #8


  2. Composed in inspiration from this post…I hope you like it.

    I don’t know how to carry on,
    or sometimes, how to stand
    against the raging, flaming dawn
    in a blasted burning land.
    I long for hope and healing
    but see the tumours grow
    the sad mirror revealing
    what I do not want to know.
    But still, in all I am content
    for God has place me here,
    and even though life’s badly bent
    I have no cause for fear.
    This is a place of terrible beauty,
    to perform, for God, my final duty.

    #1 at FMF this week.


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