It might not be exactly how you pictured, do it anyway. #the100dayproject

I got to today and realized today is day 11 of my challenge. It’s felt fairly easy and nearly problem free. I’ve written things each day as planned. I took Sunday off as planned. And I’m still writing things as planned.

But today on this little day, I’m thinking I coulda-shoulda put out things that are more polished each day.

And: I should really have a coherent, sensible structure each day instead of mostly just writing willy nilly as I feel.

Or: am I actually doing myself a disservice by sometimes having to take a shorter way of doing this project and not being able to polish every piece?

All these little wonderings that question what I’m doing and stop me before I stop.

But really now.

If I waited until I had time to write the exact sensible and helpful things I wanted to say.

In a nice way.

Without all the random thinking that sometimes leads to thoughtful thinking.

I might not say anything at all.

I might just keep storing, sorting, collecting, and collating all these ideas of words and never saying anything.

I might keep filling up my wordpress account with drafts I haven’t published. And may not ever publish. I might not bother through from random thinkings to finished pieces or even just complete thoughts.

But if I keep showing up here and taking these slightly thought somethings and adding more words as I go along.

Until that something feels like it might be something. Even if it’s a little wacky.

And then I hit publish.

Because that’s just what I do now. (No more storing half-sentence thoughts for eternity.)

Then I have the chance to say and think and do and get through these ideas that so often clog up my head in all their unsaid glory.

I get to say some things.

And a few people will read these things.

And then some of you might be brave enough to say your things, or make room for your things or your people’s things, or invite the concept of enough to go around right into your art or daily family lives.

Because that’s the point as well.

There’s enough words, enough space, enough ideas, enough time, enough art and enough creativity to fuel forever. There’s enough space and artsy freedom for us to be as creative as we like, even in this type of public practice this internet oddness gifts us in the form of blogging or what have you.

So A: Your thing might not be exactly like you want it to be.

and B: There is enough everything for trying more tomorrow.

and C: Don’t let the lack of perfection (or even just as good as you expect it to be) now, or the possibility of attempting it tomorrow, stop you from doing something today.

Do something today.

And then do something tomorrow too.

Don’t shut yourself down before you begin or right in the middle.

Do the dang thing.

And eventually you’ll even get better at it.

“When the critic says words, we have to decided if we believe them. We have to decide who gets to have a say. The voice of the critic forces us to face our biggest fears and, in turn, listen hard for the voice of God. I can worry or I can work. I can get stuck or I can move on. I can get defensive or I can be free. Instead of giving the critic words, hear are some new words to consider:

– I believe in the power of life.

– I believe in the holy resurrection.

– I believe nothing can separate me from the love of God.

– I believe I am set free.”

Emily P. Freeman, The Next Right Thing, Page 187

#the100dayproject #100daysofpressingpost 11/100

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