Entertaining Lately

Because sometimes lighthearted and hilarious is exactly the right remedy and I can take life a little too seriously sometimes. Here’s what I’ve found this week:

  1. I’ve just started following Strange Planet on Instagram (and facebook, because why not), and it is so funny to me. You’ve probably already seen them around. Or maybe you already follow it, but I laughed out loud at the pigeons today. Go to this profile and find the highlight labeled ‘Pigeons’ and be prepared to laugh. You’re welcome :D
  2. Kim’s Convenience has a new season on Netflix now and it continues to be exactly my cup of funny.
  3. Somehow I got through life without ever watching It Takes Two with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Similar to Parent Trap, but a fun little movie.
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p a r a d o x i c a l

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I am in awe of people who can pull hilarity out of nearly anything :)

Happy Weekend!

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