Your Sink Doesn’t Care. It’s Ok. {The Kind Side}

So your kitchen is messy. Ok.

It is no problem.

So you’re sitting on a chair lounging and wishing you didn’t have to clean all the while feeling guilty because your husband is working in the other room. I mean hypothetically.

It is still not a problem.

Do you want to have a clean kitchen? Yes? How far could you get with 20 minutes of energy? Do you have 20 minutes of energy?

Ok then. Take 20 minutes because you want to, see what you can get done.

It’s no problem.

Don’t if you don’t have the energy. You’ll get it done soon enough.

It’s ok. You are good.

Your sink doesn’t care.

Dishes aren’t the boss of you and neither is guilt.

But if you don’t have energy, don’t continue sitting there. Or do, if that’s your thing. But be specific about it.

Do your thing that gives you energy.

Make something.

Read something.

Write something.

Take a nap.

Go for a walk.

Eat a snack.

Take a pretty picture.

Take a shower.

Do a specific something.

Then come back and reevaluate.

Sometimes it’s easier to do those avoided chores after you’ve taken a minute to breath, create, enjoy or rest instead of gearing up for the task with lots of avoidance, a snarky inner critic, and a side of guilt.

A podcast or a movie helps to make monotonous tasks more fun, but all the surrounding activities make a big difference, too. I find after I’ve done something rejuvenating it’s a little easier to take a quick 20 minutes to load the dishwasher or an hour to fold the laundry without feeling mad at the dishes for simply exisiting.

I get to choose what I do and when. Some times are better than other times.

What specific something could you do today to when your inner critic won’t shut up about the chores?

You’ve got this. You don’t have to feel guilty for not doing the dishes. Your house doesn’t get to nag you. Your sink doesn’t care. It’s ok.

Take a rest. <3

Notes from the Kind Side Project
Notes from the Kind Side – Where I Pause to Make Space for Kind Self-Talk

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