Some Creative Side-Stepping {The Kind Side}

Some days you’re just not going to want to do the work you set out to do. I have yet to figure out a perfect solution. But today I decided I’m not forcing the work to fit into the expected box. (So far so good. I’m typing. It’s working. haha) On Mondays, I’ve been posting my Notes from the Kind Side which are all (until now!) derived from last year’s 100 day project of 100 notecards with words I needed to hear that day. But today I’m not going off of the notecards. I’m free styling: current moment, current problem. It’s not the way I usually do it and just different enough to get me started. I’m still doing the work I needed to while sidestepping the mental block that was keeping me from completing today’s post. Voila. So today’s note from the kind side: You’re not always going to feel like doing your work and that’s ok. Most of the time you have to do it anyway and sometimes that takes some crafty side-stepping, but I think you’ve got this. I’ve got creative excuses for not doing my work coming out my eyeballs. All it takes is thinking up an equally creative excuse for doing it anyway. Or just a roundabout way of approaching the work that makes it seem different or doable. I’ve got this. You’ve got this. Keep up the good work.
What’s the funniest excuse you’ve come up with for not doing your work? And what’s your most creative way to get yourself to do the work anyway?
Notes from the Kind Side Project
Notes from the Kind Side – Where I Pause to Make Space for Kind Self-Talk

(This is day 20/100 of my #100daysofpressingpost)

Your space.

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