Touch {Five Minute Friday}

I love to crochet because the results are so tangible. I can turn a tangle (well hopefully not too tangled) mess of yarn into something that surprises eyes and fingers with a little bit of joy.

I love finding yarn at thrift stores and using up the odds and ends of what I already have to create something a little off-kilter, different, and completely unique.

The color combinations can be enchanting and alternating texture and thickness can be a fun challenge.

Every now and then something turns out not quite right, or I have to redo more than I planned, but so often the things I make just spark a special glimmer of joy for me. I love the process.

And I love being able to hold each animal, pumpkin, blanket, or owl in my hands and see just what I made.

I often list and share what I make on Instagram, but I always feel like something is missing because people can’t pick each item up, touch the threads, and feel the fun and love inside.

But maybe that’s just me.

Here are a few things I’ve been making lately you can check out more on Instagram at Boho Pumpkins. For some reason pumpkins are my favorite, but I love to make all sorts of things.

Linking up for Five Minute Friday again! Come check it out :)

10 thoughts on “Touch {Five Minute Friday}

  1. I’m so impressed! That is amazing work. :-) My 11-year-old daughter taught me how to crochet in straight lines a couple of years ago, but the best I’ve done was a very crooked scarf! ;-) Thanks for joining the link-up!


  2. my mom loves to show off the work she does as well. Having me touch the baby warmers and growth protection that she knits for third world country kids. It’s good to share her joy, though I don’t understand her love of the yarn. somehow I think you would. :)


  3. Beautiful work! Wish I had that skill, and artist’s eye.

    They say that God is in the stone
    that the mason brings to life,
    and he’s also in the bone
    the sailor’s carving for his wife.
    I’m sure He’s in the pigments
    beloved of Monet,
    and he’s in the instruments
    the great musicians play.
    Is He in the little ball
    that Tiger Woods mistreats?
    Did He take a curtain call
    after poetry read by Beats?
    Do you think He’s everywhere
    that we allow our hearts to care?

    #1 at FMF this week.


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