How will it turn out {The Kind Side}

Sometimes it’s hard to choose which path to take or how hard to try or to know if you should be investing in one thing or another thing.

Progress is nearly always less obvious than you think it should be and it’s hard to tell which pursuit is actually going to make a difference in the long term.

But the thing is, usually, the little things add up into something that feels more meaningful in retrospect. You don’t get to know ahead of time what’s going to work out and what might not. Trust the process and keep moving forward. Even when you don’t know exactly where you’re going, keep learning and creating.

Find people who know what they are doing and learn from them. You will eventually get where you are going or have enough insight to move your path a little along the way or take switch to a completely different one. Or you might just realize you’ve changed direction completely but this is where you’re suppose to be. There is nothing wrong with jumping wholeheartedly into a for-now idea and seeing what happens. If you fail or don’t make it quite like you hoped at least you’ll know you tried.

And right now the only thing you get to know is the smallest next thing. Maybe this blog post won’t mean anything to anyone but me. Maybe I won’t ever make progress that seems monetarily worthwhile.

All I can do is to keep doing this next right thing that has been placed before me.

Write the blog post.

Cook the dinner.

Make the crochet creature.

Do the laundry.

Read bedtime stories.

And pay attention around the edges to all the smaller things besides that might show up when I’m not looking.

But that only happens while I’m doing things.

So which path is right?

Who really knows. All I can do is choose one thing I need to do and do it as well as I can.

And of course the phrase The Next Right Thing is also a podcast, and now a book by Emily P Freeman. (She also tells the story of where she found the phrase.) I’d recommend both for leaning into your right here life and all the right now ways we can doubt ourselves.

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