Opportunity to laugh {Five Minute Friday}

We have a chance to decide how to look at things.

Sometimes it’s easier to be annoyed by the small stuff.

Just irked at every possible turn.

Mad at all the outcomes that didn’t turn out quite how we imagined.

Or just annoyed at all the ridiculous around you.

I know a lot of stuff does happen. And a lot of it is worth being mad about. and often there is much frustration and sadness and genuinely respectable anger when great grief or trauma strikes.


Sometimes I know I take life a little too seriously and miss the ridiculous, the just plain funny, and the opportunities to see life from a different angle.

Maybe, just maybe, and probably more often than I realize, there’s more opportunity to laugh.

Maybe, just maybe I’m so busy being annoyed I miss the delightful.

The ridiculous.

The hilarious.

Even just the entertaining ways we all are showing up, right here in our little family as we are – completely our own silly selves.

We don’t make sense in lots of ways.

And sometimes it can be frustrating, but sometimes it there’s so much opportunity for fun and laughter and taking things a little more lightly than usual.

I’m going to be on the lookout for these opportunities.

I think I miss them a little too often.

Today’s funnies:

  • watching the neighborhood stray through the nest cam and waiting for it to trigger the live trap so we can take it in for shots. It’s more entertaining than you’d think. Like a mini-covert operation in our driveway. Also: turns out neighborhood stray knows how to eat the food out of a live trap without triggering it. oy vey.
  • pretending the poodle is still lapsized and seeing how much space she actually takes up in my lap.
  • And then watching this video and realizing that went better than it might have :D
  • I am still entertained that we have tiny animals who live in our house and just like to hang out. It is the strangest situation.
They don’t seem to mind.

Are you good at laughing? Where might you be missing the joke of our everyday ridiculous lives.

And then there’s this. You’re welcome.

Thanks for reading! Linking up with Five Minute Friday today!

11 thoughts on “Opportunity to laugh {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Good morning, Erika. I too can spend lots of time on the serious side of life. Thank you for this gentle nudge to seek the ridiculous! Blessings, Julie (returning to #FMF after several months, looking forward!)


  2. LOVE the dog wearing the floor vent.

    Life can really give one pause,
    a theatre of the absurd,
    like the afternoon that I was
    attacked by a hummingbird.
    It flew in fast and stabbed me
    hard, right in the neck,
    then flew off in victory
    while I cried, “What the heck?”
    I know they’re territorial,
    but this was really weird,
    and then another raptorial
    one got tangled in my beard.
    My wife loves ’em, thinks them cute,
    but to me every one’s a brute!


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