Life in Practice {Five Minute Friday}

Is there such a thing as practice when you’re all grown up or is it just jumping in with four limbs flailing seeing if it works? Because it seems like in these situations where the stakes are higher than soccer practice or piano practice or the practice SAT, we get thrown in with a good luck and just try it.

Have a baby? No problem. Take her home and see how it goes. You’ll be fine. They just need to eat and have their diaper changed and gradually level you up against your own better judgement until you’re trying to figure out how the tooth fairy works and how to pull off the job with as little outright lying as possible while still retaining the magic.

It’s a trippy experience this parenting.

And then there is this having relationships with other grownups where we have to be responsible for everything. No one is sanctioning our playdates or making sure we have enough snacks, energy or introvert time beforehand, helping us solve our arguments, or deal with the people hangover after.

It’s all just a fest of figuring out what works.

And then what about work? After college you either jump in or you don’t and wonder if you ever will without a bunch of people telling you what to do.

I’m sort of coming to the conclusion life is just a series of experiments and practicing in public.

making changes.

bit by bit.

never perfect.

not really aiming for perfection.

just moving ahead.

one step after another the best we know how.

practice. rest. play.

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