Nothing to Prove {The Kind Side}

You are worth more than the things you make. You’re not going to run out of ideas. It is not a race. And most likely, no matter what you make, you’ll still feel compelled to make something else. And that’s a good thing. We are made in the image of the Creator God so it is in our nature to create. But it is also in our nature to look for validation and fulfillment in the things we make instead of basing ourselves more solidly in the unchanging but always creating God of the universe.

 In our human way we will still think we need to make more, be more, do more, improve more. But that isn’t the way your worth is decided. We get to create out of an already established goodness and worthiness placed in us when Jesus lived and died in our place. We get to create. We want to create. We will probably always be pursuing, making, and creating art or improvement, but it is not out of a helterskelter desire to prove ourselves, perfect ourselves, or win in any type of way.  It’s simply because that is how we are created and how we honor the one who made us. But let’s be real. We can switch between helterskelter striving and resting in Jesus in the same minute. It’s life. We have to try but we also don’t have to prove ourselves to God. This is just a reminder you are worth more than you make. — I hope that gives you a little more peace and freedom in your creativity today! 

Your space.

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