Test the Ice {The Kind Side}

Life isn’t figured out all at once.

You might have to wait longer than you think to find out more of what you want to do. Or how big pieces are going to work.

Keep exploring.

Keep living the days and paying attention to what draws your attention, where you find joy, and what is a struggle.

Where do you see lack? Where do you feel drawn? Where do you feel stuck? Where do you feel free? Where do you see love? Why?

What have you decided to do? What inspires, interests, or hints at something more?

What is the smallest step you could take to test the ice of your resolve, interest, or inspiration?

Test it.

Keep testing it.

Gather the clues and walk with them.

Step by step.

It’ll all work out.

One day at a time.

Not all at once.

Just a step or two added together to make the rest.

Your space.

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