Helter-Skelter Goal Maker {Five Minute Friday}

I’m a helter-skelter goal-maker.

If you are trying something interesting and a goal worth making you can bet I will want to jump right in with you.

I make goals about everything.

Especially the small action things that add up to more: books that become libraries, miles that become marathons, hikes that become a lifestyle.

But sometimes I feel like in the midst of all the goals and making all the goals I’m missing some of the finesse of life. The rounded corners. The lattice work. The pausing and sitting still and just chilling into the goodness of my own life.

I am prone to see the work to be done.

Or the ways we could have more fun or be more diligent with the gifts around us just by being bit more systematic.

But then sometimes I get stuck in my systems and forget to feel how the pieces meld.

I would much prefer life to just work if I do all the things that sound right.

I make more lists and draft more schedules, but something always falls by the wayside. There is always more and less of what we should be less and more. The lists don’t add up like I thought they would or the activities fill up the hours but don’t touch our hearts.

My way of goal-making doesn’t work really.

It does, but it doesn’t.

And sometimes it just makes me weary.

But that’s the time to wait and listen. Or even just to consider how this one small activity forms the other pieces of our lives and how we could be more thoughtful with it?

But there I go being all goal-making again.

I am action-oriented.

And I like to know I’m right.

But within it all there’s the haze of wondering.

Is this how it’s done? Does it matter?

But then all I get to do is rest in the way God is here for us.

He is doing what needs done and working in our hearts to do what is pleasing to him.

And all my lists can’t touch that.

And that’s a relief.

Linking up for Five Minute Friday! Happy Weekend!

3 thoughts on “Helter-Skelter Goal Maker {Five Minute Friday}

  1. ‘Does it matter?’

    Yes, Erika. It all matters.

    A poem, written just for this comment, and just for you.

    Today was hell, unleased and cruel.
    I felt my senses shatter.
    My heart turned back in ridicule:
    “Did your life even matter?”
    I sought a justifying comfort
    that I did my best,
    but heard the sneer, an off-key trumpet,
    “Boy this was no test.”
    And that is when I knew my heart
    was listening to Satan;
    God only asks we play our part,
    trusting Him with hope, and salvation.
    Every life’s moment’s an exam,
    graded by the great “I am.”

    #1 at FMF this week.



  2. Oh the importance of pauses. We only have to look at music to see how they matter, the difference they make. What would the crescendo of Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus be without that pause?
    Your FMF Neighbour #37


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