Could Have, Should Have {The Kind Side}

You’re not ever going to be able to do enough to make yourself happy.

There will always be chances you miss, questions you could have followed up on, conversations you could have had, things you could have done, or moments you are sure could have gone just a little bit better if given an opportunity for a re-do.

The barrage can be loud and accusatory, but you don’t have to listen to it. There’s always going to be something that keeps you subtly mad at yourself for not measuring up.

Don’t let that keep you from doing the next thing as well as you can.

Keep trying your best, but don’t get stuck being angry with yourself.

Do better if you know better, but don’t let retrospect wear a hole of worry in your life.

Take a deep breath.

Start again.

Adopt a practice of accepting your own shortcomings with lightness and hope. You can’t do everything you think you can, but you can do everything God thinks you can.

And that’s more than enough.

Notes from the Kind Side Project
Notes from the Kind Side – Where I Pause to Make Space for Kind Self-Talk

One thought on “Could Have, Should Have {The Kind Side}

  1. Some days this is harder to do than others. I love your phrasing … retrospect wearing a hole of worry. Glances backward over the shoulder should be brief. I want to spend most of my time looking forward … and living in the now.


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