At Long Last {The Kind Side}

At long last.



But not right now.

The moments when life feels more dramatic than it needs to be are more than we would like.

{Really, life?}


We don’t get to know why or when or anything conclusive.

The only thing we can do is our small best (interspersed with not) and keep allowing grace to settle over the rest.

Grace settles over our arguments, our worrying, our patience worn to a thread.

Grace settles over the way we live and all the ways retrospect tells us what we might have done, but couldn’t know then.

Grace gives us words and space to keep lining up the days in hope, and lining our hearts with hope for everything that is yet to be resolved.

Because someday it will be. Not this instant. Not all at once. Maybe not even here as we know it.



At long last.

There is hope is for our right nows because perfect life in heaven is yet to come. And little by little, but with a seeming constant influx of yet more drama, God is working out our right nows as well.

We just don’t get to know how yet.

Notes from the Kind Side Project
Notes from the Kind Side – Where I Pause to Make Space for Kind Self-Talk

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