Use the Yet {The Kind Side}

I love to look through facebook and instragram. It helps me to find those graphics with words about ideals and helping our kids grow up well. I usuall share them to my stories or my feed depending on where I find them.

Sometimes I add commentary.

Sometimes I don’t.

Last week I found myself beginning to share a graphic about some ideal in child-rearing that I am totally behind. I see the logic. I want to do that too.

I hit share, and when it comes to add my comment I type: I’m terrible at this.

And I am.

But then I catch myself.

I’ve been reading a little about having a growth mindset with my kids, but just because I’m a grownup doesn’t mean I can’t also have a growth mindset.

My mind is still growing after all.

My soul says it is anyway.

So I backspace a minute and think.

Than instead of: “I’m terrible at this,” I write: “I’m not very good at this yet.” and then I underlined the yet and hit share.

That was a good moment for my soul.

Instead of chastising myself and telling myself yet another way I wasn’t measuring up, I left room to grow. Room for hope.

I let a little light in and made it easier to change.

Where could you add the word ‘yet’ to your self-talk.

It might take 6 months or so to finally kick in, like it did for me, but that’s ok.

Use the yet.

Notes from the Kind Side Project
Notes from the Kind Side – Where I Pause to Make Space for Kind Self-Talk

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