Put yourself on the path {The Kind Side}

Instead of wondering “are you going to…?” maybe take the fact that you’re asking the question as an indication of your interest. Start figuring out the how to begin.

Get some answers.

Get some teaching (don’t get stuck here).

Create something interesting (most important step).

Look it over. Create again.

Stop wondering if you will. Start and acknowledge you started.

You can reevaluate later.

See how it seems and you’ll know the answer to your question.

It doesn’t have to be forever. It doesn’t have to look exactly like what everyone else has done. It doesn’t have to follow anyone else’s plan or check all the boxes on someone else’s list.

Advice, plans, and lists are infinitely available; your time to try is not.

Just put yourself on the path, try it, and see how far you get.

Notes from the Kind Side Project
Notes from the Kind Side – Where I Pause to Make Space for Kind Self-Talk

Your space.

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