Success {Five Minute Friday}

Is there any such thing as success? Is it about how big we get, how rich we get, or if we do what we set out to do? Will we ever arrive? I don’t think so.

Maybe if we’re talking about money we might classify someone as a success or being successful.

But not so much in the normal life.

There’s no yardstick to say I’ve reached the peak of performance in motherhood. No promise that I will ever be the best wife. No assurance that writing will ever say the thing I want to say or ever mean enough in some stretch of the word to be called ‘noteworthy’ or any such adjective of approval.

There is no success.

Just day after day choices.

But where is the goodness in that?

Certainly there would be something?

But maybe success means something smaller, less tangible, less performance driven and more of an attitude of reassurance or stability.

But not anything I’ve done or they’ve done.

Just a sense of glowing approval in our own whole self.

I’m not saying we’ll ever be glowingly approving of our own whole selves.


There is someone.

Who is glowingly approving.

Through a resilience and faith that we aren’t the ones getting us anywhere.

It’s just through Jesus, by the grace of God, and the power of the Holy Spirit that we can have any stamp of success on our resume or track record as humans.

It’s not so much winning, as it is about living forgiven and led.

Linking up for a quick Five Minute Friday today. What do you think about success? Is there such a thing or will we forever be striving?

2 thoughts on “Success {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Erika,

    I relish the little successes in my day–a connection with a new friend, a meal well-prepped for my family, a moment where I might have chosen the harsh, ugly words, but instead chose kind, soft ones. But ultimately, you are correct: success is in Jesus, not for the human eye. He is where we must find our approval–and He loves us so much and sees us so beautiful. Thank you for sharing and connecting today.

    Only Because of Him,

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    1. Oh, I love your focus on these little life-giving successes! What a lovely way to stay in touch with the goodness even when the daily demands seem a little too demanding to ever get right. Thanks, Sarah, for your comment and encouragement. :)

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