A word or seven {The Kind Side} (Also: don’t miss this free webinar tonight)

Notes from the Kind Side Project
Notes from the Kind Side – Where I Pause to Make Space for Kind Self-Talk

That thing you’re thinking about sharing?

It’s good enough.

Just put it out there,.

Someone specific needs it.

The problem you’ve been mulling over?

Take the time to write through it and see where you get.

It really helps.

I’ve been there, too.

That niggling idea in your head that you’re not a writer (creative) and you’ll never “make” it?

It’s wrong.

You can.

And you will.

In some way, shape or form.

You will make writing (creating) work and even if the way it turns out or the place you stop is different than you imagined, it still made you.

Every sentence, paragraph, post, page, and thought completed steps you along the path you’re finding, one piece at a time.

There’s no way to know where it’s all going.

But that thing? Share it. That problem? Hash it out. Those words? They are changing you even if no one ever sees them.

It’s worth the work to figure out how to say what you’re learning, believing, or coming to know.

Figure it out. See what happens. Let it be what it will.

A word or seven at a time will do.

PS — The writing community I am a part of opens for new members tomorrow (Oct 1-4) and to kick it off, Emily P Freeman is doing a free live webinar at 8PM ET. Sign up here.

Also check out my page : Hope*Writers for more on why I appreciate this membership with all its classes, resources, and community so much.

I’d love to help if you have any specific questions! Use the comment box or find me on Instagram!

Your space.

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