Remember God by Annie F. Downs {Book Review}

Remember God by Annie F. Downs

“And you know I wrestle. You know I wish things were easier and wish our stories were more streamlined and tied with a tighter bow at the end. I struggle so much when my expectations of God don’t meet the reality of my current experience with life.”

Annie F. Downs, Remember God page 46.

This book is less about the tweet-size takeaway and more about the arch and story of a season of faith in a season of life. Annie F. Downs writes about her year in chronological order with exactly what was going on, what she felt, what God was doing in her heart and through what means. Her writing style is welcoming and lively, but she tells it like it is. Downs is extremely open about her expectations, thoughts, disappointment, singleness, depression, and faith in a hard year. I really appreciated this transparent glimpse into what it looks like for God to be an active presence in her life. Annie’s story of remembering God is kind even when life isn’t and the way she connects God’s unchanging nature with her changing circumstances is a gift for all of us who read it.

(Thanks to B&H books for a review copy of this book. All opinions are my own! Also: this post has an amazon affiliate link!)

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