New Enough {The Kind Side}

Don’t let the fact that it’s not New Year’s (or the 1st of the month or monday or your birthday, for that matter!) stop you from starting. You can begin to change your life any day you like.

Any day can be your new enough day for a new enough year.

Jump in with your new enough vision.

Get a fresh enough start.

Make the move.
Write the words.
Edit the photos.
Build that website.
Learn that new thing.. or that old thing you want to try out again.

Traditions, norms, and cultural nonsense will all say different things about goal setting, habits, new years’ resolutions, and making life changes. Do what works for you, pay attention to your own cues – in your heart and in your practical existence.

If you have that urge to start, begin, pick up again, or why not try, make now your moment.

Or, if you need to, simply wait. If you have no urge to start something new, don’t.

Carry on with the old and embrace the new enough of a project in progress. It’s taking shape one small piece and one inch of resolve at a time, gradually becoming that thing you imagined some days or years ago.

Don’t give up on the old.

It will become and so will you.

Every day is new enough.

Notes from the Kind Side Project
Notes from the Kind Side – Where I Pause to Make Space for Kind Self-Talk

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