Here, so mundane {Notes from the Kind Side}

Notes from the Kind Side Project
Notes from the Kind Side – Where I Pause to Make Space for Kind Self-Talk

Everyone feels a little bored with their life sometimes. I’d guess it’s pretty normal to wish to live in someone else’s story for a little while.

The choices we aren’t privy to can seem glamorous, adventurous, or just enjoyable with no hard consequences or issues. The idea is almost always that someone else’s life is a little easier, or a little more fun, or farther along than this path we’re plodding.

We want to skip the struggle and embrace all the apparent ease.

But we all know that’s not quite how it works. We don’t get to know the full story of how they got to where they are or what it’s actually like to live their story from the inside (not just the outside looking in).

There are no shortcuts, but what we can listen to our own story, our own discomforts, and channel some bravery to make small choices that might address a little of our boredom, or frustration, or sense of an inadequate life. Sometimes big changes look all fabulous and fun, but the lead-up to those big changes is always a series of small.

And who knows, maybe the small changes will change your life completely without you really noticing.

Listen, hope, pray, and take the next step.

You’ve got this.

God’s got this.

You don’t have to uproot your entire life to follow God or be happier.

You might.

But there’s power in one small, brave, faithful step

or a mini, curiosity-driven, adventurous experiment.

A listening gradual adjustment toward what could be.

Be happy for the big movers – the souls who can catch the wind and fly to meet the new – but don’t disregard the importance and opportunity of the small changes us plodding stayers can choose.

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