{Whole}listical (4.23.20)

I’m a little tired of being thoughtful and knee-deep in everyone’s opinions, sources, controversy, and blah. I could to switch to something more solid like a book, but sometimes I just don’t have the energy or it doesn’t feel relevant. Here are five things helping me to think about, giving me peace in, and adding a more wholehearted faith to my life. Now I don’t do all of these every time they are offered, but if I need something measured, encouraging, or thoughtful as an antidote to scrolling headlines, here’s where I’m going. Good news: it’s all free.

  1. Pantsuit Politics podcast. – I’ve seen this around for years, but really didn’t start listening to it until the current presidential election cycle started and I’m glad to have it as a resource in this here and now of all the things.
  2. Osheta Moore’s breath prayers – Last week Osheta Moore began leading her Instagram community in breath prayers. It’s a mini sermon, a touch of calm, and a grounding practice. Be sure to jump in. I love how breath prayers rest us in who God is right alongside of our overarching concerns in a way that doesn’t feel like a list of petitions.
  3. Glennon Doyle’s IGTV family meetings for all of us. – She shows up with all her feelings and all her concern for everyone else’s feelings with humorous honesty and a big faith.
  4. This Pandemic Prayer Guide is a new addition to my go-to, but I am really appreciating how it helps put words to our most current concerns while turning our hearts towards God’s care and presence.
  5. Dr Lina Abujamra on facebook – She’s been posting a 2 minute covid19 pep talk each day. It’s a combination medical practice/knowledge, science, level-headed admonitions, and a lot of faith in God. She posts publicly so you can just hit the follow button even if you’re not friends with her.

Where have you been finding encouragement lately?

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