Is Hope*Writers Worth It? {my top five reasons}

Hi from my wild eyes to yours! Thankfully, it’s Friday. Not that that really makes a difference anymore. :D
  1. Hope*Writers is a choose-your-own-adventure, year-round, at-home writers conference with no extra costs for airfare, hotels, food, childcare, car rentals, etc. It might not seem like it from the outside but Hope*Writers is a great alternative and better investment of money than your average 4 day writing conference. I live far away from most writing conferences and it’s hard for me to get a day away let alone a weekend and this is key. The material is always useful, always fresh, from many different perspectives within the writing world and always available no matter what nonsense your family is up to.
  2. I know what I need to do next. If your goal is for other people to read your words, whether it be online or in books, hope*writers can helps you move forward purposefully. Right now, my next thing is to get back to writing regularly and intentionally serving my readers – that’s you! Hi :)
  3. Paying a monthly fee (that feels a little extra, truly) helps me to remember my commitment to prioritizing and serving people with my words. It’s affirmation from the family budget that my hopes and dreams are worth following up on and a step of faith from me that maybe this means more than I think it will. Or maybe not, and that’s ok too.
  4. The Hope*Writer People are notoriously kind and helpful. The team is genuine, purposeful, experienced and generous. The community is a well of information – everybody has experience with something. And having like-minded friends really inspire me to keep going, try new things, and just give a good go of it.
  5. Time spent in this community reminds me that finding words for my experience is worth it, possible, and helpful to others besides just me. I’m sure we all need to hear again and again that our stories matter.

Bonus reason: I’ve always been a stay at home mom. I had my first baby two months before I got my BA in Spanish and Linguistics and then became a stay-at-home mom. My oldest is 8 now. Writing has given me a place to learn out loud and continue to gain experience and knowledge that will (hopefully) weight to a future resume, or become a career. You never know.

I can’t definitively say being a member of Hope*Writers will pay for itself some day (is that how worth is measured really though?), but I like to know that the way I am spending some of my free time is going to help me in the future too.

And I love the idea that the words I am working to write help other people in similar situations to my own.

Anyway: I hope that gives you an idea of why it might be worth it for you to consider joining hope*writers or even just making time to write your own words independently. :)

Click here if you are interested in learning even more about Hope*Writers or here if you missed out on some freebies!

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