Sacred Endurance by Trillia Newbell {Book Review}

“God is an ever-present help.” This means God isn’t sort-of present, halfway present, distracted, or distant. He is always present. God is with us in our lostness and trouble.” Trillia Newbell in Sacred Endurance (p88) Sacred Endurance: Finding Grace and Strength for a Lasting Faith by Trillia Newbell In Sacred Endurance, Trillia Newbell gives us … Continue reading Sacred Endurance by Trillia Newbell {Book Review}

When all you want is a little peace {change one small routine}

After listening to the undercurrents in your family you might find there some overall problems with attitudes, fighting, helping out, or tiredness, but chances are you can also identify certain times of day or transitions that cause mayhem in your day to day. For me, as an introvert and Highly Sensitive Person those times usually … Continue reading When all you want is a little peace {change one small routine}

Hi, You! I’m Erika.

My home is wild. I’m sure yours is, too. In the chaos, it’s hard to make sure everyone in the family feels whole and free to be themselves. We’re all on an independent path even as we’re trying to live congruently in a family. Everyone needs, wants, and is passionate about something different. On top of that, the house needs to be somewhat livable, certain levels of learning and growth are expected, and social, cultural and spiritual values are foisted haphazardly and silently.

Raising little people and being a healthy adult in the face of all those conflicting needs and expectations is a wild ride that doesn’t really have rule book.

In this process of making room for all my people and myself to be whole and free, I’m writing. It’s one of the ways I become more whole and free. Musing, muttering, and putting words in a row until I make a little more sense and find a little more freedom for my kiddos, my husband, and me. Writing reminds me to look for the grace, look for the third option, and to keep my eyes open to what God might be doing in the midst of it all, too.

I hope my musings and thoughts are helpful to you too. Here are some of the things I’m learning and sharing about lately:

  • Making space for kids and parents to be whole and themselves – as a group and individually.
  • Saying yes to creativity and optional pursuits while learning to deal with an aggressive inner critic.
  • Helping kids to learn and grow through an unschooling-type approach to learning.
  • Always finding really good books to read – because I can’t help it, I’m obsessed. And a little nerdy.

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