I’m Erika.

I want to inspire you to make space to be whole together as a family, to be freely creative and yourself, and to read a lot of books.

I am 28, an INFJ and a One on the Enneagram. I am learning how to live life – with all its people, expectations, and ridiculousness – while still being freely myself. I’m a runner, writer, reader, creative all the things doer, hassler of mess, freed follower of Jesus, hope-seeker, and co-ringleader of our own three-kid unschooling circus with my inventive husband.

Time for reflection is limited in our household, so this is where my thoughts percolate and form. As a mothering woman, I am convinced we can be freely and fully ourselves even with our kids at home. And I’m going to juggle and rewrite the nonsense that tells me otherwise until I figure it out.

Hopefully my words will build a little more grace, wholeness, and freedom into your life as that is what I am looking for in mine.

Thanks for reading!

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Your space.

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