I’m Erika.

I write about anything and everything – though generally circling around motherhood, books, and faith. I have three wild kids (we thought the youngest was calm but then she learned how to talk and crawl) and one super active husband. This is where my deep thoughts come to live and hopefully gain meaning as I meander through my life in a writer-ly fashion. Re-imagining and reiterating as needed to find my place in the world.

Hopefully my thoughts will find a thought of yours and build a little more grace, wholeness, and freedom into your life.

I am an INFJ and a One on the Enneagram. I love books, reading, running, Jesus, grace, coffee, mountains, sunsets, spring-time, words and languages.

In short: Sometimes I write. And everything else.

This is my husband…


Israel and I have been married for 5 and a half years. We don’t have a sense of humor. So please take everything we say seriously. Especially Israel. Seriously.

Our kiddos:

Ranger is five:


I think that’s his ‘fast’ face.

Ali is three and a half.


Ummm…that’s just what she did when I pointed my phone at her. No humor. Or personality. She has none.

And then Meg is one and a half.


Her Birthday Cake Face. I think. These kids. :)


(Those are their “we just fed the baby dirt” faces…of course.)
Welcome to where I am right now.

Just here.

Your space.

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