Next {Five Minute Friday}

Next. It's an intriguing little word that sets my mind in the future, but usually a little further in the future. I don't tend to leap to the nexts of my next moment. I tend to want to know more than that. When I was in middle school my calendar was perpetually a mess of … Continue reading Next {Five Minute Friday}

Yummier than Sour Cream

My girls always get up first in the morning. When they start fighting too much to ignore, then I get up. Today I came out of my bedroom and my three year old grins up at me and says, "Happy Birthday, Mommy!" My five year old grinned and said the same. My heart melted a … Continue reading Yummier than Sour Cream

When turning 29 makes you think all the feels.

Something about 29 feels weightier than any of the numbers before it. I know, I know. You can laugh. I know as much as the next person that 29 is still specifically young. I can't be certain why, but it seems like 29 is looking at 30 with lips shut firm, sort of in a … Continue reading When turning 29 makes you think all the feels.

In Which I Read the Library {Quick Lit – March ’19}

I'm pretty sure this is more books than I've read in a month since being a grown-up with responsibilities. I think I managed to do what I needed to, but most other extra-curricular activities took a back-seat to getting through all of these. Here's what I read and what I thought! If you need a … Continue reading In Which I Read the Library {Quick Lit – March ’19}

Your Sink Doesn’t Care. It’s Ok. {The Kind Side}

So your kitchen is messy. Ok. It is no problem. So you're sitting on a chair lounging and wishing you didn't have to clean all the while feeling guilty because your husband is working in the other room. I mean hypothetically. It is still not a problem. Do you want to have a clean kitchen? … Continue reading Your Sink Doesn’t Care. It’s Ok. {The Kind Side}

Entertaining Lately

Because sometimes lighthearted and hilarious is exactly the right remedy and I can take life a little too seriously sometimes. Here's what I've found this week: I've just started following Strange Planet on Instagram (and facebook, because why not), and it is so funny to me. You've probably already seen them around. Or maybe you … Continue reading Entertaining Lately

It might not be exactly how you pictured, do it anyway. #the100dayproject

I got to today and realized today is day 11 of my challenge. It's felt fairly easy and nearly problem free. I've written things each day as planned. I took Sunday off as planned. And I'm still writing things as planned. But today on this little day, I'm thinking I coulda-shoulda put out things that … Continue reading It might not be exactly how you pictured, do it anyway. #the100dayproject

Lack {Five Minute Friday}

At any point given day I could say there are many things I lack, but at the same time I could say look at all the I have I should just be grateful. But really, maybe my lack is a little deeper than the items in my home or the way my day lines up … Continue reading Lack {Five Minute Friday}