How to read a riveting series. {June Quicklit}

Put the whole series on hold at the library. Wait until they all show up. Read them as quickly as you can. This is what I should have done with the Charlotte Holmes series. So let me say it again: Make sure you have them all on hand. I read a lot this month, but … Continue reading How to read a riveting series. {June Quicklit}

One Thing {The Kind Side} One of the people I follow on Instagram reposted this from @theresgoodinstore this morning and I thought it was altogether just right for this morning's Kind Side note. I always want to know how everything will work out and where all the details will fall. I want to have peace made and pieces picked … Continue reading One Thing {The Kind Side}

Today {The Kind Side}

Just get through today. That's enough. Don't worry about all the things that could be inconvenient or go wrong in the sequence of today's events. You've already chosen what to do. Live in the moment, not in the land of every hypothetical problem the moment could have. Choose how you want to shape your very … Continue reading Today {The Kind Side}

Could Have, Should Have {The Kind Side}

You're not ever going to be able to do enough to make yourself happy. There will always be chances you miss, questions you could have followed up on, conversations you could have had, things you could have done, or moments you are sure could have gone just a little bit better if given an opportunity … Continue reading Could Have, Should Have {The Kind Side}

Run the Mile You’re In by Ryan Hall {review}

"I'm not saying that the big decisions shouldn't be carefully considered, but I've learned that we also shouldn't dismiss the small ones because these decisions can subtly change the trajectory of our lives."Ryan Hall, Run the Mile You're In - page 15 Run the Mile You're In: Finding God in Every Step by Ryan Hall … Continue reading Run the Mile You’re In by Ryan Hall {review}

Created {The Kind Side}

God made you you. Go be you. You might have to chase down what that means, or simply walk alongside, sneaking a glance out of the corner of your eye, but the now-hazy specifics are left up to you. Your work is yours. Your play is yours. Your art is yours. Be all here. Be … Continue reading Created {The Kind Side}

Helter-Skelter Goal Maker {Five Minute Friday}

I'm a helter-skelter goal-maker. If you are trying something interesting and a goal worth making you can bet I will want to jump right in with you. I make goals about everything. Especially the small action things that add up to more: books that become libraries, miles that become marathons, hikes that become a lifestyle. … Continue reading Helter-Skelter Goal Maker {Five Minute Friday}

Maybe I’ll be a Guinea-gator. {Goals, Parenting Style, and Atmospheric Pressure}

I've been busy the last couple days. Some of it is chosen busyness like reading way too much, and finishing crocheting a cardigan. Some was necessity: cleaning the kids rooms (their carpet is going to last longer because we don't get to walk on it right???), cleaning the bathrooms, putting away a mountain of clean … Continue reading Maybe I’ll be a Guinea-gator. {Goals, Parenting Style, and Atmospheric Pressure}