Process over Progress – making goals with kids in mind.

This year I want to do things with my kids a little more. It's not a new thing. In the past I've made goals like: "Do something with the kids everyday." "Play more games." "Teach them to read." "Read to them every day." But these small goals always seem to go by the wayside after … Continue reading Process over Progress – making goals with kids in mind.

All the Colors We Will See by Patrice Gopo {Review}

All the Colors We Will See: Reflections on Barriers, Brokenness, and Finding Our Own Way Like falling headfirst into someone else's memory, Gopo’s writing is beautiful and picturesque, not only in the scenery but also the feelings in each story. Each moment welcomed me in with a warm invitation to see the world through the author's eyes with her particular story shading your … Continue reading All the Colors We Will See by Patrice Gopo {Review}

Create just to create {Notes from the Kind Side}

Your creativity or pursuit of a craft is not a waste of time. You can create something just for the fun of it. You don't have to have anything to show for it, except the joy of having made the thing you dreamed up. Sometimes it's hard to feel justified in doing something if you … Continue reading Create just to create {Notes from the Kind Side}

Influence {Five Minute Friday}

Maybe more important than who we are influencing is that we consider who we are influenced by at the same time. Are our hearts being formed in Christlikeness or are we striving for what the world deems as important? Are we putting stock in fearmongering or are we weighing in with grace, hope, and lovingkindness … Continue reading Influence {Five Minute Friday}

December Reads {QuickLit}

I spent most of December madly crocheting stuffed animals and then recovering from said madness. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. I had a numb spot on my thumb for weeks from crocheting with such intensity. But the animals turned out adorable and all the children who received one were immediately in love. So it was … Continue reading December Reads {QuickLit}

It is fine. {The Kind Side}

It is fine. Not 'it will be fine' or 'it's all going to work out'. True too, but it is fine. Right now , in this messy middle where we so often don't know what's going on or if we're going to be happy when we find out where something ends. Even when it feels ridiculous … Continue reading It is fine. {The Kind Side}

Better {Five Minute Friday}

Five Minute Friday is five minutes of free writing on a specific word. Just for fun and practice and getting past the fear of not posting something long or perfect. Here's mine for today on the word 'better'. If I want to become a better writer this year what does that even mean? More creative? … Continue reading Better {Five Minute Friday}

True You by Michelle DeRusha {Book Review}

"When a Japanese gardener "prunes open," Marsha explained, he or she cuts away not only dead branches and foliage, but also often a number of perfectly healthy branches that detract from the beauty inherent in the tree's essential structure. Pruning open allows the visitor to see up, out, and beyond the trees to the sky, … Continue reading True You by Michelle DeRusha {Book Review}