Heaps of Books! (Best of Recently)

I know I said I wouldn't be doing this every month, but what else am I going to do? Reading is a big part of my life and always has been. And somehow books are something I nearly always have head space to write about and share about. So here I am again linking up with Modern … Continue reading Heaps of Books! (Best of Recently)

INFJ books? What do you think? (Best of Recently)

Modern Mrs Darcy has a monthly linkup of books, but since I've not linked in a good 9 months... I'm going to not be too optimistic of linking up regularly and maybe instead just go for a once a season recap of bests :) I have somehow managed to read 30 books already this year! These … Continue reading INFJ books? What do you think? (Best of Recently)

Books I can’t forget from 2016

I have one last category of books that didn't quite make my top 4, but I still really felt strongly about for one reason or another and want to share with you. So. Books I can't forget: Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell - Oh my Gosh. It led me on for a 1000 pages … Continue reading Books I can’t forget from 2016

My Favorite Fiction from 2016

Fiction: The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart - Middle grade novel of excellent intrigue and espionage. You'll devour it and then want to pass it on to all your nieces and nephews. :) The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh - breathtaking story of belonging, growing up in the foster system, and the … Continue reading My Favorite Fiction from 2016

My Favorite Memoirs from 2016

Yesterday I shared my favorite non-fiction and since I have such a penchant for non-fiction I divided out the memoirs. Here are my top four! Memoir: Night Driving: A Story of Faith in the Dark by Addie Zierman - This one got me. Addie Zierman jumps in her mini-van with her two very young kids … Continue reading My Favorite Memoirs from 2016

My Favorite Non-fiction from 2016

I read a lot this year. I had planned to read about 60 books again, but somehow managed to read 100. oops. I think it was related to being more intentional about being online less, having kind of a stressful year (so reading for escape more), and specifically going out to read more fiction. It … Continue reading My Favorite Non-fiction from 2016

Books Books, All Books {Quick Lit – Spring 2016}

  Welcome to my dedicated book post :) What could be better, right? Here's what I read this spring and a few thoughts about each book! In March I hit the weirdest slow spot with my reading. I didn't want to read. Almost at all. It was very strange. I finished reading Out of Sorts … Continue reading Books Books, All Books {Quick Lit – Spring 2016}

Three Books for Life Reorganizing – Spiritual Rhythms, Better than Before, and Simplify

It's been a month or two of changing things up.  For me, at least.  And therefore my kidlets.  And somehow my house has benefitted from all the changes as well. Even though I've been writing more, scheduling more, playing more, reading still, and cleaning less. Somehow.  But there it is.  Three books have really helped … Continue reading Three Books for Life Reorganizing – Spiritual Rhythms, Better than Before, and Simplify