Called to Create {Some Rambling and a Book Review}

Day 29 of my 100 day project has contained a hefty handful of self-doubt and why-am-I-even-doing this. Because sometimes making stuff that lives on the internet feels fairly pointless, but also entertaining that kind of existential doubt isn't really worth my while. Because I can spend my time doubting whether or not I should spend … Continue reading Called to Create {Some Rambling and a Book Review}

The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman {Book Review}

"No matter the choice you make today or in the future, Jesus is with you. He has gone before you. And he will remain with you no matter the result."The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman. Page 102 The Next Right Thing: A Simple, Soulful Practice for Making Life Decisions by Emily P. Freeman … Continue reading The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman {Book Review}

Offer {Five Minute Friday}

You may not think you can offer much, but you can offer something. It might not be exactly what you think it should be, but maybe it is exactly what others need it to be. And maybe not. The important thing is to offer like the boy with the loaves and the fish, "This is … Continue reading Offer {Five Minute Friday}

Next Up: #The100DayProject

I'm always up for a good project or challenge. Last year, I participated in the project in a quiet way. It took longer than 100 days to get my 100 days in, but I did it. I filled a small note card nearly every day with some words I needed to hear that day. This … Continue reading Next Up: #The100DayProject

Magic, Quarters, and Good Enough {What I’ve learned – Winter 2018}

1. Library favoritism is perfectly acceptable. The old library is the best library. We've tried two new to us library locations this month and they've been charming for different reasons, but I still have a favorite. The kids may not agree, but I drive the car. 2. Trying to combine habits is hard. At separate … Continue reading Magic, Quarters, and Good Enough {What I’ve learned – Winter 2018}

You don’t have to keep up {Notes from the Kind Side}

I always want to jump in with all the plans: Write 31 days? I'm in! NaNoWrimo? If I had any sort of idea for a novel and maybe a touch more time you can bet I'd try it. The 100 Day Project? Yes, of course! This project started as my 100 day project last summer. … Continue reading You don’t have to keep up {Notes from the Kind Side}

Self-Doubt {Notes from the Kind Side}

Just because the doubting voices live in your brain doesn't mean you have to listen to them. "You're not good enough." "This is not good enough." "Someone else already is doing this or could do it better." "It's too late." "I don't have time." "It won't work." "It won't matter." "Why bother." These are what … Continue reading Self-Doubt {Notes from the Kind Side}

Influence {Five Minute Friday}

Maybe more important than who we are influencing is that we consider who we are influenced by at the same time. Are our hearts being formed in Christlikeness or are we striving for what the world deems as important? Are we putting stock in fearmongering or are we weighing in with grace, hope, and lovingkindness … Continue reading Influence {Five Minute Friday}