Let’s not panic, but it’s ok to feel afraid {The Kind Side}

The world has changed a lot in the last few weeks, our country has changed a lot last week, and most of lives will change this morning as more things are canceled and more Covid-19 guidelines are set in place. But aside from logistics, health, and numbers, I'm worried about the way we're responding as … Continue reading Let’s not panic, but it’s ok to feel afraid {The Kind Side}

the string-cheese life {inspirational scheduling with kids}

I’m a little like Anne Shirley. I love the idea of a new day with “no mistakes in it yet.” I love mornings, mondays and new years. Any chance for a new start, new goals, or a new schedule feels like a refreshed take on life with more hope and possibility.  But the idea of 'no mistakes' … Continue reading the string-cheese life {inspirational scheduling with kids}

You in ALL Your Weirdness {What Makes a Person Whole?}

Yesterday I found myself leaning on the counter with my head in my hands taking concentrated breaths, completely overwhelmed by just one more thing. It was rough day. Some days are just like that. It wasn’t particularly different than any other day. It was just another day of requests for food five minutes after meals, … Continue reading You in ALL Your Weirdness {What Makes a Person Whole?}

Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram by Calhoun and Loughrige {Book Review}

(Thanks to IVPress for the free copy of this book for this long-overdue review!) Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram: A Handbook for Harmony and Transformations provides an interesting perspective on the personal and spiritual growth possible through using the enneagram. This is not an entry level enneagram book. You need to know your number first … Continue reading Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram by Calhoun and Loughrige {Book Review}

Darkness {five minute friday}

It’s a season of feelings I don’t really want to record. Sadness. Grief. Confusion. Annoyance. Regret. Anger. Overwhelm. Mixed in with all the usual good contained in our everyday life, grieving my younger sister has been such a confusing process. I’ve found that losing someone leaves a haze over my clarity, a damper on my … Continue reading Darkness {five minute friday}

Listen {Five Minute Friday}

Listen. Listening involves being quiet. But beyond that it involves stilling our own inner dialogue where we prepare what we want to say next or decide what we think about what we're hearing. Listening is sitting in the space of someone else's words. Not just hearing. Not just taking in the auditory signals. It's observing … Continue reading Listen {Five Minute Friday}

If Only You Knew by Jamie Ivey {Book Review}

"Shame over past sins that have already been forgiven is not from God. No matter how much you go to church, or read your Bible, or give away lots of money, you're not improving Christ's forgiveness of you." Jamie Ivey, If Only You Know, p212 If Only You Knew: My Unlikely, Unavoidable Story of Becoming … Continue reading If Only You Knew by Jamie Ivey {Book Review}

Invited by Leslie Verner {Book Review}

"While some of us may be led to move, go, and pledge ourselves to other lands, most of us are tasked with the mission to stay. What if we took that same sense of purpose and "calling" we often attribute to cross-cultural workers, pastors, and missionaries, and poured it into our right-here, right-now lives?What if … Continue reading Invited by Leslie Verner {Book Review}