Created {The Kind Side}

God made you you. Go be you. You might have to chase down what that means, or simply walk alongside, sneaking a glance out of the corner of your eye, but the now-hazy specifics are left up to you. Your work is yours. Your play is yours. Your art is yours. Be all here. Be … Continue reading Created {The Kind Side}

Test the Ice {The Kind Side}

Life isn't figured out all at once. You might have to wait longer than you think to find out more of what you want to do. Or how big pieces are going to work. Keep exploring. Keep living the days and paying attention to what draws your attention, where you find joy, and what is … Continue reading Test the Ice {The Kind Side}

Feeling frustrated and annoyed? {Notes from the Kind Side}

Yesterday I realized I often feel critical of myself when I feel annoyed or upset with situations in my life. I can be looking around finding all the things that need doing or haven't been done feeling frustrated with the situation, but then it can easily devolve into feeling frustrated with how I feel about … Continue reading Feeling frustrated and annoyed? {Notes from the Kind Side}

Take a Break {Notes from the Kind Side}

The week before last the kids and I went with my parents to the beach while Israel and the dog stayed home. I planned to keep doing my 100 day projects because that's kind of the point of the whole project, and really these things are just for fun, right? But despite the apparent casual … Continue reading Take a Break {Notes from the Kind Side}

Nothing to Prove {The Kind Side}

You are worth more than the things you make. You're not going to run out of ideas. It is not a race. And most likely, no matter what you make, you'll still feel compelled to make something else. And that's a good thing. We are made in the image of the Creator God so it … Continue reading Nothing to Prove {The Kind Side}

How will it turn out {The Kind Side}

Sometimes it's hard to choose which path to take or how hard to try or to know if you should be investing in one thing or another thing. Progress is nearly always less obvious than you think it should be and it's hard to tell which pursuit is actually going to make a difference in … Continue reading How will it turn out {The Kind Side}

Some Creative Side-Stepping {The Kind Side}

Some days you're just not going to want to do the work you set out to do. I have yet to figure out a perfect solution. But today I decided I'm not forcing the work to fit into the expected box. (So far so good. I'm typing. It's working. haha) On Mondays, I've been posting … Continue reading Some Creative Side-Stepping {The Kind Side}

Your Sink Doesn’t Care. It’s Ok. {The Kind Side}

So your kitchen is messy. Ok. It is no problem. So you're sitting on a chair lounging and wishing you didn't have to clean all the while feeling guilty because your husband is working in the other room. I mean hypothetically. It is still not a problem. Do you want to have a clean kitchen? … Continue reading Your Sink Doesn’t Care. It’s Ok. {The Kind Side}