You don’t have to keep up {Notes from the Kind Side}

I always want to jump in with all the plans: Write 31 days? I'm in! NaNoWrimo? If I had any sort of idea for a novel and maybe a touch more time you can bet I'd try it. The 100 Day Project? Yes, of course! This project started as my 100 day project last summer. … Continue reading You don’t have to keep up {Notes from the Kind Side}

Self-Doubt {Notes from the Kind Side}

Just because the doubting voices live in your brain doesn't mean you have to listen to them. "You're not good enough." "This is not good enough." "Someone else already is doing this or could do it better." "It's too late." "I don't have time." "It won't work." "It won't matter." "Why bother." These are what … Continue reading Self-Doubt {Notes from the Kind Side}

Create just to create {Notes from the Kind Side}

Your creativity or pursuit of a craft is not a waste of time. You can create something just for the fun of it. You don't have to have anything to show for it, except the joy of having made the thing you dreamed up. Sometimes it's hard to feel justified in doing something if you … Continue reading Create just to create {Notes from the Kind Side}

It is fine. {The Kind Side}

It is fine. Not 'it will be fine' or 'it's all going to work out'. True too, but it is fine. Right now , in this messy middle where we so often don't know what's going on or if we're going to be happy when we find out where something ends. Even when it feels ridiculous … Continue reading It is fine. {The Kind Side}

No matter how it seems {Notes from the Kind Side}

It may not look how you expect. You are on your own path. It will have diferent twists and turns, stops and starts than someone else's. You might think you're not the right person or that life is too hard, not right or not going well. But. God is shaping you and your story to … Continue reading No matter how it seems {Notes from the Kind Side}

Four True Things {The Kind Side}

Here are four true things, regardless of your gender, but maybe particularly important for women. Sometimes it is easy to feel disqualified or less than as a woman in Christian places since the dominant story has, for a long time, been one where women are not to teach or preach or yadayadayadapatricarchyisbiblicalduh nonsense. But I … Continue reading Four True Things {The Kind Side}

Just Five Things {the kind side}

Notes of creative encouragement: It's ok not to know why you're drawn to these creative projects. You don't have to explain it to anyone. Be free to do the things that call to you and ignore the things that don't. Explore! It's ok to be a beginner. You belong right here.  Just because what you're doing … Continue reading Just Five Things {the kind side}

It’s ok not to know {the kind side}

For when you desperately want to know you're doing the right thing: It's really easy to overthink things. Sometimes it's not so bad, but sometimes the obsessing and overthinking can really break your day. It's harder to say about the big stuff, but don't overthink the little stuff. It will all work out. And most … Continue reading It’s ok not to know {the kind side}