Put yourself on the path {The Kind Side}

Instead of wondering "are you going to...?" maybe take the fact that you're asking the question as an indication of your interest. Start figuring out the how to begin. Get some answers. Get some teaching (don't get stuck here). Create something interesting (most important step). Look it over. Create again. Stop wondering if you will. … Continue reading Put yourself on the path {The Kind Side}

Steady as She Goes {The Kind Side}

It's ok to experiment and not be sure you are meant to do this one thing over that other thing. Do the work placed in front of you on this very day. Choose what you already chose before. Choose the unchangeable commitments. The people, the responsibilities, the aliveness of your life. After that it's an … Continue reading Steady as She Goes {The Kind Side}

What’s Yours {The Kind Side}

https://www.instagram.com/p/B0l-kk2FftF/?hl=en In case you can't see it, this image says: "Other people's behavior is about them, not about you." I saw this post on Instagram and I found it relieving in a way. I often find myself reacting to what I assume someone is thinking about me by how they're acting. This little sentence helps … Continue reading What’s Yours {The Kind Side}

Spunky choices, new mantras, and the power of apprenticeship – What I Learned – Summer 2019

Choose the spunky sunglasses. My bright coral sunglasses have brought me so much life. I'm not going back to boring colors again. It's really easy to stay too busy with biggish little kids in the summer. So many fun opportunities, but now I'm tired. Haha. :) Time for some introverted recovery. I feel like I'm … Continue reading Spunky choices, new mantras, and the power of apprenticeship – What I Learned – Summer 2019

Invited by Leslie Verner {Book Review}

"While some of us may be led to move, go, and pledge ourselves to other lands, most of us are tasked with the mission to stay. What if we took that same sense of purpose and "calling" we often attribute to cross-cultural workers, pastors, and missionaries, and poured it into our right-here, right-now lives?What if … Continue reading Invited by Leslie Verner {Book Review}

Use the Yet {The Kind Side}

I love to look through facebook and instragram. It helps me to find those graphics with words about ideals and helping our kids grow up well. I usuall share them to my stories or my feed depending on where I find them. Sometimes I add commentary. Sometimes I don't. Last week I found myself beginning … Continue reading Use the Yet {The Kind Side}

What’s Your Pace? {Five Minute Friday}

"Pick up the pace." (I think you should go faster.) "Pace yourself." (I think you need to slow down so you don't run out of energy.) "Go your own pace." (I think you know how fast you should go.) In one moment or another, all of these admonishments might apply to me. I might initially … Continue reading What’s Your Pace? {Five Minute Friday}

Hospitality {Five Minute Friday}

I like to think I'm good at hospitality. I don't invite people in too much. But I sometimes do. Good enough, yes? But then, I think the people I choose to invite tend to be easier to deal with then the people I don't or didn't quite choose. I'm wondering a bit: how would it … Continue reading Hospitality {Five Minute Friday}