Nothing to Prove {The Kind Side}

You are worth more than the things you make. You're not going to run out of ideas. It is not a race. And most likely, no matter what you make, you'll still feel compelled to make something else. And that's a good thing. We are made in the image of the Creator God so it … Continue reading Nothing to Prove {The Kind Side}

Opportunity to laugh {Five Minute Friday}

We have a chance to decide how to look at things. Sometimes it's easier to be annoyed by the small stuff. Just irked at every possible turn. Mad at all the outcomes that didn't turn out quite how we imagined. Or just annoyed at all the ridiculous around you. I know a lot of stuff … Continue reading Opportunity to laugh {Five Minute Friday}

A prayer to put the day to rest.

All is quiet. Mostly. All is calm. On the outside. But what is true all through and through, even if my mind won't leave well enough alone, is that God is good everyday. He is good today when the kids fought less than usual, but bedtime pushed all my buttons. He is good on the … Continue reading A prayer to put the day to rest.

Called to Create {Some Rambling and a Book Review}

Day 29 of my 100 day project has contained a hefty handful of self-doubt and why-am-I-even-doing this. Because sometimes making stuff that lives on the internet feels fairly pointless, but also entertaining that kind of existential doubt isn't really worth my while. Because I can spend my time doubting whether or not I should spend … Continue reading Called to Create {Some Rambling and a Book Review}

How will it turn out {The Kind Side}

Sometimes it's hard to choose which path to take or how hard to try or to know if you should be investing in one thing or another thing. Progress is nearly always less obvious than you think it should be and it's hard to tell which pursuit is actually going to make a difference in … Continue reading How will it turn out {The Kind Side}

Touch {Five Minute Friday}

I love to crochet because the results are so tangible. I can turn a tangle (well hopefully not too tangled) mess of yarn into something that surprises eyes and fingers with a little bit of joy. I love finding yarn at thrift stores and using up the odds and ends of what I already have … Continue reading Touch {Five Minute Friday}

Some Creative Side-Stepping {The Kind Side}

Some days you're just not going to want to do the work you set out to do. I have yet to figure out a perfect solution. But today I decided I'm not forcing the work to fit into the expected box. (So far so good. I'm typing. It's working. haha) On Mondays, I've been posting … Continue reading Some Creative Side-Stepping {The Kind Side}

When turning 29 makes you think all the feels.

Something about 29 feels weightier than any of the numbers before it. I know, I know. You can laugh. I know as much as the next person that 29 is still specifically young. I can't be certain why, but it seems like 29 is looking at 30 with lips shut firm, sort of in a … Continue reading When turning 29 makes you think all the feels.