When turning 29 makes you think all the feels.

Something about 29 feels weightier than any of the numbers before it. I know, I know. You can laugh. I know as much as the next person that 29 is still specifically young. I can't be certain why, but it seems like 29 is looking at 30 with lips shut firm, sort of in a … Continue reading When turning 29 makes you think all the feels.

I Miss Your Face {When Siblings Grow Up}

It's siblings day. And I miss my siblings. I see them every once in a while even though we live near enough to most all of them more often than we do. But, life is busy and even though I see them, I feel like we've lost each other along the way. We're in an … Continue reading I Miss Your Face {When Siblings Grow Up}

How to be Whole?

Sometimes I get stuck because I feel like I should have it all figured out by now. I shouldn't be struggling to parent, relate well, write, or focus enough to spend my energy on things that matter to me. I think I should know it all by now. It's been a decade, eight years, seven … Continue reading How to be Whole?

a hopeful alternative to bad days and good days

In our house, with these three little kids, we can get a little dramatic. To say the least. My kids will groan loudly about how terrible their day is just because they have to put away a toy, do a job, or -heaven help us - find and put on their shoes. Much to my … Continue reading a hopeful alternative to bad days and good days

Seasons of {Whole Together Family 16/31}

  It's been a busy two or three days, and, while I did not forget about writing yesterday, I nearly did today. But it is 9:50pm. So I have time to take a few thoughts and push them into a semblance of order. I have written about this before about seasonal wholeness, particularly in motherhood, … Continue reading Seasons of {Whole Together Family 16/31}

Yes, I … {Whole Together Family 15/31}

Sometimes with these abstract ideas that argue for a deeper story it is easy to be stuck in the idealist world. Straightforward problems with logical answers, often falling into false dichotomies that say things are either one way or the other. Never both. But that just isn't the case. The human experience is so utterly … Continue reading Yes, I … {Whole Together Family 15/31}

Room for our feelings {Whole Together Family 12/31}

Let me be honest, I sometimes have a hard time remembering my kids belong in this moment of my life just as much as I do. It's a combination of a selfish tendency to center my own wants/needs, and a tired attempt to avoid the discomfort of trying to understand what is going on in … Continue reading Room for our feelings {Whole Together Family 12/31}

Go from here {Whole Together Family 7/31}

We are ourselves, even as we live together as a family. For each other, we make modifications, we make concessions, and we make mistakes. We learn to live as a family even as we all change and become different versions of our same selves. It's a circling of needs and becoming, taking turns, together and … Continue reading Go from here {Whole Together Family 7/31}