Darkness {five minute friday}

It’s a season of feelings I don’t really want to record. Sadness. Grief. Confusion. Annoyance. Regret. Anger. Overwhelm. Mixed in with all the usual good contained in our everyday life, grieving my younger sister has been such a confusing process. I’ve found that losing someone leaves a haze over my clarity, a damper on my … Continue reading Darkness {five minute friday}

Not Unimportant {The Kind Side}

It's ok to prioritize creative work. It's ok to tell your kids, "I'm working right now." It's ok to assign value even when there's no job title or pay schedule. It's ok to quell and mitigate the interruptions with clear communication and careful planning. It's ok if you are the only one who understands your … Continue reading Not Unimportant {The Kind Side}

Everything Feels a Little Ridiculous {The Kind Side}

Don't quit because you feel ridiculous. Everything you do will feel a little ridiculous at some point; it doesn't mean you should quit or even second-guess. Carry on. Stretch your comfort zone. Try a little more than you think you can manage. Step out of ruts and boredom into the realm of the ridiculous. Chances … Continue reading Everything Feels a Little Ridiculous {The Kind Side}